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The result was ), which tells the story of nudist sisters who, after their father’s death, pledge not to wed until each of them has “brought to the light of the world some new and worthy Horse Truth, of benefit to man.” Geisel wrote in the foreword: The humorous story is based on the Lady Godiva legend, according to which in 1037 the Earl of Coventry’s wife rode naked on horseback through the streets of Coventry, protesting against her husband’s unfair taxes.

The citizens of Coventry were ordered to remain indoors, shuttered, as she rode.

But despite that, studies suggest that one in five adult cellphone-users have done it — which is a solid argument, we think, for tut-tutting less and educating more.

After all, sexting isn’t just the province of the young and reckless: According to Pew Research, 34 percent of adults aged 25 to 34, and 22 percent of adults aged 35 to 44, have received sexts, too.

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There can be no doubt about it: sexting is a risky, compromising, indiscreet business.The suspect car rammed into the back of the truck and ended up in the ditch near an industrial park on Township Road 510.RCMP arrested three adults and two youths who were all naked at the collision scene.But one man, Peeping Tom, peered out and was then struck blind. Ten thousand copies were printed on the first run, and only about 2,500 were sold.

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Absurd as they might be, and oddly unerotic despite the nudity, the illustrations are a treat, perhaps in that so-bad-it’s-good kind of way, or perhaps because they offer endearing reassurance that even genius can falter.While 69% protect their phones with a password or code, 46% said they’ve told another person their PIN number, according to the study.

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